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about us



We are Ben(a chef) and Britta (a social worker/artist) and we have a desire to create memorable culinary experiences that allow guests to feel like have been transported to another time and place.


We met working in Glacier National Park in 2009 and have been traveling, exploring the outdoors, and doing what we can to be creative and spontaneous ever since. 

what we do

We have created 6 pop-up restaurants in Bend, Oregon over the past 3 years; stemming from a need to express ourselves creatively and share our travel experiences with our community. Our Punk Noodle pop-ups (4 and counting) were based on the idea that creative people should be able to do what they want to do, when they want to do it: not be pressured by capitalism to continue to create and produce when they are not inspired. This series has gained a core following of like-minded individuals that has allowed us to create our first cookbook!